Supercharging healthcare delivery for everyone in Africa

PneumaCare offers an all in one, healthcare delivery turnkey platform for healthcare organizations- insurance, health plans, startups, hospitals, clinics and independent practices


Everything companies need to deliver better care

Healthcare Providers

Qualified and licensed providers to meet your users care needs


Software, APIs and data platform to build on


An ecosystem of services and providers to work with

Primary care

Digitally enabled virtual primary care

Labs & diagnostics

Fast, reliable and timely diagnostics

Home Care

Adequately trained field staff for house calls

Optimizing care delivery operations and margins for growth and improved care outcomes

Our software and APIs help healthcare organisation delivery better care

Provider Network Management

For Insurance, health plans, startups and hospitals

Need healthcare providers to serve your patients? We save you the stress and worry of onboarding, credentialing, contracting and relationship management by letting you connect and turn on/off any provider you want on your dashboard.


Healthcare providers

5 mins



Booked in services.
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provider image

Virtual Care

Insurance, health plans and startups

We provide healthcare businesses a plug and play telehealth experience on their apps or websites through our APIs and widgets.

With our telehealth integration, you are in full control of the service experience as well as having exclusive access to your customers’ data.


Patients served


Response time


Symptoms & Conditions

How North is digitizing primary care with our platform

With our telehealth integration, you are in full control of the service experience as well as having exclusive access to your customers’ data.

Patient Engagement

Clinics and Hospitals

Our all-in-one patient engagement and communication tool that enables healthcare businesses to better engage their patients throughout the care process.

With Frontdesk, you are able to engage and retain patients more effectively.






Net Promoter Score

Payments and Banking

Clinics and Hospitals

We understand that your money needs are crucial so we are providing you with a unique platform that helps you get paid faster whilst giving you access to safe high-returns investments, and low interest rate loans.

It’s coming soon!!!

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Our core mission is to build digital tools that make healthcare better and possible for everyone.


We persevere in the face of challenges, continuously striving to achieve our goals.


We take full responsibility for our actions and outcomes, going above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.

First Principles Thinking

We first identify the problem and then break it down to its fundamentals before diving into solutions. We constantly ask “why” to validate our assumptions.


We proactively tackle tasks and go the extra mile to accomplish what others may not be willing to do.

Transparent Communication

We communicate openly and honestly, sharing thoughts and ideas with positive intent


We prioritize solving our customers' problems, putting their needs at the heart of everything we do.


We believe in trusting our team members, partners, and customers by default, creating an environment built on mutual respect and collaboration.

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