A simple, flexible and cost-effective way to offer health coverage for your team.

A comprehensive, all-inclusive health benefits plan that puts the needs of your employees first. Unlike typical insurance, there are no upfront, non-refundable premiums or delays.


Join the hundreds of companies that use PneumaCare.


Zero confusion, Zero hidden costs all within your terms!

We provide personalized, easy-to-access health benefits designed for you and your team members.
Unused budgets are rolled over to the next period.
See and invite the providers you want to see.
Better healthcare and increased for your team.
You only pay for what you use.
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Healthcare with no limit!

Getting you the health care you need, when and where you need it.
Preventive care
No provider tiers
No prior authorization
Personalized care experience for everyone
It's FREE: no limitations and its all on your terms

Get started in 3 easy steps



Sign up and add your team members to organizational benefit account



Set your health benefit classes and budget for your team members.



We'll take it from here and make sure your team stays healthy.

Understand how we have redefined healthcare benefits.

Learn more about our health benefits plans and how it's better for you and your team.


Frequently asked questions

What happens when the provider you want is not on the network?

You can invite the provider to the network and they will be onboarded in 5 minutes so that they can start accepting appointments.

What happens after a year has been completed?

We will send you a report about your team's health with suggestions on how to improve the experience. If you have unused funds in your account, we will roll it over into the new year..

How would this process be managed?

We have streamlined the experience to make sure that your team is not overwhelmed, the assigned concierge works with your members to coordinate their appointments and care journey. We are also launching a portal for human resource teams to manage their team and this is scheduled for release in November, 2022.

Can this work with our existing insurance?

Considering the utilization of existing insurance options, your health benefits should be sufficient to cover for the care needs of your team. But if you’d like to get a low premium insurance to cover unlikely surgical operations then it might be handy. Don’t worry, your benefits concierge will work with your team to make sure we can reduce surprises.